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Communities of Things 05-Feb-2020 (Updated: 07-Jul-2021 PDFTrust issues among devices are complex. In order to address them we need to take a community-based approach rather than having to revisit the issue for each connection and each app n×n. Also available on CircleID
TV is Over – Long Live Content 05-Dec-2020 PDFWe are now in the age of "content" with Television (and movies) now available for view online just like books rather than being experiences you had to tune into on a broadcaster's schedule. We haven't cut the cord, we just forgot about it and moved on.
The JavaScript Ecosystem 23-Oct-2020 PDFJavaScript started out as a simple extension for the browser but has become so much more. In part this is true on building on rich concepts going back to Lisp. Along the way it has challenged the givens of programming and given us a high-performance flexible language along with rich libraries and rich tools. We're just beginning to discover the possibilities. (Also on CirlceID)
A piece of living history explains 5G without hype 23-Sep-2020 A conversion about the hype surrounding #5G. Also on Facebook
Broadband Breakfast Live Online on July 22, 2020 — Champions of Broadband: Bob Frankston 22-Jul-2020 My conversation with Drew Clark about the Internet as infrastructure.
Beyond the Interweb 24-May-2020 (Updated: 14-Jul-2020 PDFToday's Internet is a network of networks and seen through the lens of the web. We need to look beyond the engineering history to see the Internet in the context of the larger vision of JCR Licklider, an acoustic psychologist, and his vision of man/computer symbiosis.
The Internet as Infrastructure FAQ 04-Dec-2017 (Updated: 13-Jul-2020 PDFWhen I write about the Internet as infrastructure I find some questions keep reappearing - hence this FAQ
Age of Software and the Public Packet Infrastructure 11-Jul-2020 📹 (video) This is a recording of the talk I gave online to the World Talent Economy Forum.
Talk about the Public Packet Infrastructure 26-Jun-2020 📹 (video) This is the talk I have go the IEEE Madison Wisconsin Chapter on June 25, 2020 explaining the concept of the Public Packet Infrastructure.
Relationships Among Devices: IoT 🡲 RaD 07-Jun-2020 PDFInstead of thinking of just devices in isolation we need to think about relationships among devices and about the meta-devices that we have.
Rewiring my House … and the World 03-Apr-2020 Using software-based relationships instead of physical wires gives insight in the parallels be-tween connectivity within my house and connectivity across the wider Internet.
What I want for CES 06-Dec-2019 (Updated: 16-Jan-2020 CES is a time to see new products and services. Alas, my expectations might be too high.
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