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Beyond Telecom 30-Oct-2001 We have a communications infrastructure that based on the assumption that telephony and television are fundamental services. The Internet has demonstrated that they are both applications built upon packet-based connectivity. The marketplace has been unable to make this transition because we are locked into a complex regulatory structure defined by regulation.
The IBM PC at 20 and beyond. 03-Aug-2001 Written as part of the 20th anniversary of the IBM PC. How the PC has been a source of innovation and why it will continue to be a place to experiment and not just another appliance.
DNS - Safe Haven 02-Aug-2001 This is a proposal to address issues that threaten to entangle the infrastructure of the Internet with political and policy issues. Updated
The Internet is Not Television 02-May-2001 An extended letter to the editors of Wired Magazine in response to a May 2001 cover story which demonized the Internet simply because it doesn't make sense to those whose vision of the world is limited to television as we know it.
The Prerogatives of Innovation 15-Mar-2001 The Personal Computer and the Internet have given us wonderful opportunity to innovate and change the world. Yet there still seems to be a condescending attitude that drives companies to continue to design lame products and services that deny the value of innovation. These efforts are sadly misguided -- they promise simplicity and deliver only frustration.
Bob Frankston
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