July 4, 1998


I'm experimenting with the idea of a periodic, if not regular, column. The are already a number of columns on the web and distributed via email. The intent is not so much to add to the clutter as to provide myself with a vehicle for expressing ideas and reactions.

My first attempt was to create a set of essays. I will continue to do so but have found that it is a limiting medium in each essay needs to be focused on a topic and have some degree of organization.

In contrast, these columns are meant to be shorter and more reactive. They are also more likely to get stale and I expect to find myself disagreeing with earlier editions of the columns. Perhaps I'll go back and note my changed views. Perhaps not.

About These Columns

These columns are meant as an alternative to the more organized (well, relatively more) essays and writings. They are intended to capture my ongoing thinking and to allow comments on ongoing events. Please send me mail if you want to be notified when new essays are "published". Of course, I do reserve the right to change my mind and disagree with myself. These columns are ©1998 by Bob Frankston. To return to my other writings.


A column should be more like a conversation than a monologue. I encourage you to write back with feedback. If you agree, it would be nice to know. If you don't, then I'm even more interested in hearing from you. If appropriate (and you don't ask me to not publish them), I may include your comments discussions. If nothing else, it would be nice to know if anyone is out there! Send mail to feedback

About Writing

These columns are personal expressions so will be somewhat revealing. I do plan to be opinionated in future columns and provide some background.

Writing is difficult for me -- I do much better in interactive conversation even if I may drop into lecture mode. In order to communicate it is necessary for the two participants to share a common language. By language, I mean a set of concepts and understandings. But if I'm writing to a large audience with disparate views, then the task is much more difficult.

The best approach I've found is to talk to a lot of people and develop an understanding of how to explain them. Hopefully these columns will be part of the process.

Stay Tuned

No one column is going to be sufficiently representative of my interests or style. I'm going to wait till I've accumulated a few before publicizing them. Scan the table of contents to get a better sense of the variety. At least, when there are enough for such an overview.